True Colors® Personal Success Workshop


True Colors has helped thousands of organizations millions of people find organizational and personal success and dramatically improve their inter-personal relationships. Our user-friendly temperament and personality assessment program has helped people of all ages understand and recognize differences that lead to miscommunication and conflict.

How does it work?

The True Colors system is built upon a teaching model of personality identification that recognizes and celebrates people’s true character, and translates complex temperament theory into practical information and actionable programs. We use colors — Orange, Gold, Green and Blue — to differentiate the four central primary personality types. These colors lay the foundation of True Colors’ fun and insightful personality-identification system.

What Does True Colors Do?

We teach people and organizations how to identify and recognize different personalities, and better understand themselves and others. By embracing each individual’s personality type and valuing their differences, teams can significantly improve communication and ultimately, performance.

Who Uses True Colors?

CASE STUDY: LA County Nursing

The L.A. County Workforce Program in Los Angeles, California, was looking for a way to create effective team-building among the nursing staff comprised of a diverse group of individuals.  See this link for the Case Study results!

How can I apply this to my organization?

Please Call me to discuss your organizational challenges and I will share how we can use the    3-Hour True Colors® Personal Success Workshop to meet those needs and create organizational and team efficiency. I can personalize the workshop to your particular organizational needs and can facilitate this workshop for small group of 15 or more up to over one hundred per workshop. This is also idea for a Department Retreat, a Management or Team-building Workshop, a Management Planning Session special event, a Year-End Employee Training Event, and much more!

Larger groups (1000+ employees) can also benefit from a True Colors® Live Show. 

How the Live Show Works

Four actors portray specific personality types as they act out short vignettes showing how hilarious our simple everyday experiences can be, at home and at work. The comedic script immediately captivates and entertains the entire audience.

Customized for Your Event

These interactive and lively “edutainment” performances are customized for your organization. The lighthearted, theatrical presentations allow attendees to experience aspects about their personalities in a fun way that will have everyone laughing as they recognize themselves and others. The door to understanding one another starts to open as the audience gains new insights into the behavioral and communication styles of all group members.

Our Live Shows can be tailored to any organization’s unique needs and can even be performed in Spanish – ¡También ofrecemos espectáculos en español! You can also use a True Colors Live Show to address other organizational needs such as: Team Building, Conflict Navigation and Communication.

If you would like to book a True Colors® Live Show or would like more information and pricing, please give me a call today!


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