Management & HR Consulting

I have worked successfully in Agriculture, Viticulture, Pipeline, Transportation and Logistics, Hospitality, Restaurants, Credit Unions, Non-Profits and many more.

I offer consulting services to HR and Businesses in the following areas:
1. New Program Creation – This may include Wellness Programs, Hi-Potential Programs, Employee Development Programs, Training Programs, Quality Programs, Accident-Prevention Programs, and any other similar program

2. Process Improvement – which may include creation of new Policies, Procedures and Processes, including Training on the new information, may include breaking down a faulty Process, finding the root cause, and rebuilding the process to the required success parameters

3. Succession Planning – If you do not have a succession plan, I can write one for you, or clarify issues around succession, or address key positions that have a lot of turnover or voluntary separations. I will find the right solution for you!

4. Career Pathing – If you cannot show your employees how they will move up, or how to move laterally from one position to the next, you can lose their interest! I can work with your HR & Management staff to identify prerequisites and requirements for each position in order to create a career pathway between positions – up and laterally

5. Creation of Employee Handbooks, Manuals, Position and Job Descriptions, Recruitment language and other HR-related content

6. Project Implementation – Whatever project you have, you need someone at the helm, shepherding the project through to completion. I can work with subject-matter experts and oversee the implementation of your new projects

7. Creation of a new Department. I have created several new departments from scratch. We discuss what we are trying to accomplish, the resources required, timelines given to the project, required outcomes and make a plan and implement

8. Work-Culture – A positive work culture is key to attracting and retaining the best employees. If you have a toxic work culture, or one that is not actively promoting diversity and inclusion, I can help you to understand where you are now and how to get to where you need to be. I helped one company to achieve Great Place to Work® certification. I can help you too!

Accident Prevention

Pipelayer I Manual Creation

Process Improvement