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Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Bullying, 2020 Employee version

Duration: 1.5 hours
For: Non-supervisory employees
Languages: English and Spanish

This course fulfills the minimum training requirements for non-supervisory employees mandated by California AB1825 (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) and AB2053 (Abusive Conduct), SB396 (2018 updated requirement covering sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression) and SB1343 (2019 updated requirement that this training is for CA employers with 5 or more employees) and SB1300 Bystander Intervention training.

This live, instructor-led training course will use videos, role-play and quizzes to guide employees in the discussion of:
The Prevention of Sexual Harassment, Bullying and Retaliation
The legal definitions of each
The laws that pertain to each
Employee responsibilities for each
The effects of each on the employees and the organization
Bystander Intervention
Reporting complaints

Building Hi-Impact Communicators

Duration: 2 hours
For: Non-supervisory employees
Languages: English (Spanish upon request)

Learn the basics of how to be star communicators. In this course, we will discuss:
Levels of Listening
Using Questions to Uncover Underlying Information
Communication Preferences vs. Styles
Knowing your Audience’s Communication Preferences
Knowing what’s appropriate for different audiences
Does grammar and spelling still matter?
Generational preferences
Backup claims with facts, not feelings
Structure your communication from Desired End Results
Slow Down, Pause, Smile, Conclude

Personal Productivity – New!

Duration: 2 hours
For: Literally anyone
Languages: English and Spanish

In this course, we will cover the following:

Spinning plates and the myth of multitasking
Beware the marauders!
Playing fort
Filter the inputs to find the lead bowling pin
The 80/20 principle
Learn to say NO

Handouts and exercises to clarify and reinforce each person’s best productivity time

Group Dynamics (Work Well with Others & Manage Conflict)

Duration: 2 hours
For: Anyone and everyone
Languages: English (Spanish upon request)

It’s always interesting how different types of people thrown together in a company must learn how to work well together. The good news is, it’s Possible! In this course we will cover:

Being an Impostor (a good thing)
Working with “interesting” types of people
Collaboration and Teamwork
Sticky (good and bad) Communications
Overcoming Failures & Learning from Mistakes
Things Better Left Unsaid and Undone
How to Prevent, Resolve and/or Stop Conflict
Mindfulness Exercises to Shift our Awareness

Managing Customers’ Expectations

Duration: 2 hours
For: Anyone & Everyone
Languages: English (Spanish upon request)

Do you want to decrease employee stress, customer irritation and the financial consequences of trying to make things ‘right’ after an error? In this course, using examples from your own business, we will cover:

Setting the Proper Expectations In Advance
Know what is a NO and what is a YES
Why Do We Avoid Saying No?
Consequences of Not Saying No
Best Way to Avoid Misunderstandings with the Customer
Strategies to Say No
Strategies to Deliver Bad News
Role-Play Handout and Practice

Critical Thinking

Duration: 2 hours
For:  Anyone and Everyone
Languages: English (Spanish upon request)

The ability to think critically allows us to reflect on the information that is presented to us and to decide whether it should be accepted as a valuable idea or whether there are alternate/better solutions. It is a game changer for businesses when employees can think critically and provide recommendations to management.
In this course we will cover:
Definition of Critical Thinking
7 Strategies to Think Critically
Weighing the Obligations
Moral Dilemmas
Critical Thinking Case Study

Emotional Intelligence

Duration: 2 Hours
For: Anyone and Everyone
Languages: English and Spanish

The ability to understand and accept the feelings of others and to validate them is an ability sorely lacking in many employees today. In this course, based loosely on the Daniel Goleman book Emotional Intelligence, we will walk through the four domains of emotional intelligence and how they relate to working well with others:

Self Awareness
Self Control
Social Awareness
Activities to reinforce the concepts


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