In-Person Training and Consulting

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What I do:

I deliver in-person, instructor-led compliance, leadership, management and employee development training. Many of the courses are available in both English and Spanish. I also consult on a variety of HR and business-related issues by request. I am also a licensed True Colors® facilitator. True Colors is a user-friendly temperament and personality assessment program that improves people performance through recognizing differences that lead to miscommunication and conflict. Green-Orange-Blue-Gold

CALIFORNIA HR MANAGERS: I deliver Bilingual Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for both Managers and Employees. **In California, SB1343 has now lowered the threshold for required sexual harassment training from 50 or more employees to 5 or more employees. To remain CA AB1825/2053 and SB396 compliant* and to become SB1343** compliant please call me for training. See below!

I have experience consulting and delivering training in the following industries:
Agriculture, Transportation and Logistics, Financial institutions, Non-Profit & Hospitality.


I will train any size group from a few managers/employees to hundreds and will consult on any size issue, from a minimum of four hours (within 100 miles of Los Angeles) to multi-day/week projects. If you do not have a training space, we will find one. Do not let this stop you from calling me!
My services would be especially valuable for small to medium-sized businesses that need to do training to remain compliant or need a consultation to solve an issue, improve a process,  initiate change, or that wish to create a professional training program.

Offering Instructor-led training (where conversations and questions/answers are available in real-time) has been proven to be more effective for sexual harassment prevention training than just computer-based training and in many cases is just as affordable and convenient!

My Credentials: I have an MBA from Cal State Long Beach, an undergrad in Business Management, and I am a Six Sigma Green Belt, a Certified Change Management Professional and  a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP). I also have Certificates in Coaching and Workplace Investigations. You can find me on LinkedIn here.

Here is a list of topics available today:

Training for Human Resources:

  1. Creating a Hi-Potential Group for Succession Planning, Part I
  2. Creating a Hi-Potential Group, Part II (Using a Performance Matrix)
  3. Creating an Effective Onboarding Program
  4. Preparing for the Future: Organizational Change
  5. Leading Organizational Change
  6. Leading a Culture Change

Training for Leadership and Management:

  1. Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Bullying Conduct for California Managers*
    2019 Edition (*New!)
  2. Management 101: Transition from Employee to Supervisor/Manager
  3. Management 102: Complex Problem Solving (*New!)
  4. Management 103: A Practical Exercise in Decision Making
  5. Management 104: Performance Management
  6. Management 105: Basic Project Management for Managers
  7. Management 106: Presentation Skills Training or Workshop (*New!)
  8. Management 107: Systems Thinking for Business Results (*New!)
  9. Leadership 101: Emotional Intelligence
  10. Leadership 102: Leadership that Inspires Employee Performance (*New!)
  11. Leadership 103: Using Thought Leadership to Make a Difference (*New!)
  12. Leadership 104: Leadership for Women
  13. Negotiation Skills Workshop (*New!)

Training for employees:

  1. Prevention of Sexual Harassment & Bullying, Employee version**
    2019 Edition (*New!)
  2. Building Hi-Impact Communicators
  3. Getting the Most Out of Your Time
  4. Group Dynamics (Work Well with Others & Manage Conflict)
  5. Managing Customers Expectations
  6. Critical Thinking

Training for everyone:

True Colors® Personal Success Workshops

*In California, AB1825 and AB2053 required businesses with 50 or more employees (to include part-time, temporary workers and contractors as well as full-time employees) to provide training to supervisors and above every two years for at least two hours on Prevention of Sexual Harassment and Abusive Conduct (Bullying). Effective January 1, 2018 SB396 expanded this requirement to include training on gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation.

In order to be compliant with this law, training must be delivered by a qualified trainer. This includes HR professionals and harassment prevention consultants, under which I qualify. It is important to employ a qualified trainer to certify your company has complied with the law.

**In California, as of 9/30/18, SB1343 has now lowered the threshold for required sexual harassment training from 50 or more employees to 5 or more employees (including part-time,  seasonal and temporary employees). In addition to management training, employees now must also be trained for a minimum of one hour every two years on this same subject. This must be accomplished by no later than January 1, 2020. So training must be accomplished in 2019. In addition, employees must be trained within the first 6 months of assuming their position. Finally, in addition to SB1343, another Senate Bill, SB 1300, authorizes employers to provide Bystander Intervention Training. The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing ( is tasked with developing and making available training material that complies with these requirements.

***Beginning in January 1, 2020 sexual harassment prevention for migrant and seasonal agriculture workers, as defined in the federal Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (29 U.s.C. 1801, et. seq.), shall be consistent with training for non-supervisory employees pursuant to paragraph (8) of subdivision (a) of Section 1694 of the Labor code, which states that:  “all supervisory (and above) employees must have prevention of sexual harassment training at a minimum of 2 hours of training every calendar year, and that all non-supervisory employees, including agriculture employees, must have this training at least once every two years in identifying, preventing and reporting sexual harassment in the workplace”. Training must be provided in a language understood by the employee by providing training in that language or by use of an interpreter during the training.

For more information visit: and

Copyright Devorah Allen 2019. All rights reserved.

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